Uni Klinger came to existence when two successful well established business houses came together with a common vision. The vision is to give niche products which are simple, rugged, maintenance free, environment friendly and incredibly reliable.

Uni Klinger a joint venture company spanning over 25 years between Neterwala group of companies and Klinger AG Switzerland. Neterwala Group of Companies, India Leaders in Foundry, Chemicals, Specialty Castings & Mud logging Systems.

Klinger AG Switzerland Inventor of Compressed Asbestos Gasket sheeting, Level Gauge Glasses and Seat less & Glandless Piston Valves, the three major pioneering, revolutionary and acknowledged contributions to the Industry.

On the footsteps of the Principals, UKL started its first strategic business unit FLUID CONTROL DIVISION in Ahmednagar in the year 1983 for manufacturing of Piston Valves, Level Gauges, and Steam Traps.

Subsequently, in 1997 UKL started second strategic business unit FLUID SEALING DIVISION on the outskirts of Pune, dedicated to produce Asbestos, Non-Asbestos Gasket sheeting, followed by Spiral Wound ,Industrial Cut Gaskets etc., factually everything in Gaskets.

The Fluid Control Division went on to add Bellow Sealed Valves to comply with stringent fugitive emission, environment protection laws, NACE certification and Nuclear requirements. Global emphasis on energy conservation inspired Uni Klinger to augment the complete range of Traps, Manifolds, Trap Valve Stations, Condensate Recovery System and other Steam Engineering Products & pipeline accessories.

Services were added to Conserve Energy by engaging the customers in Steam Audits, Consultancy, and Awareness Training Programs etc.

Uni Klinger has state of the art manufacturing units with well defined processes and systems to meet the expectations of customers world wide.

The acceptance of Uni Klinger products by Industry, Consultants and Inspection Agencies was rapid in India and abroad. Uni Klinger is now already in the process of impacting its Global Footprint.

Over the past couple of years, Exports of Bellow Sealed Valves, Steam Traps, Manifold, Trap Valve Stations and other Gaskets Materials by UKL has grown exponentially. UKL has an enviable proven track record.

We wish to sustain, maintain and aim for UKL and its products to be THE MOST PREFEERED BRAND BY INDUSTRIES THE WORLD OVER.

Major Products :
  • Glandless And Seatless Piston valves
  • ompressed Asbestos Fibre Gasket Sheets
  • Non Asbestos Gland Packings
  • Pressure Reducing Staions
  • Steam Traps thermodynaminc, thermostatic and Ball float Traps
  • Non Asbestos Gasket Sheets
  • Disk Check Valves
  • Safety Valves
  • Strainers
  • Bellow Sealed Valves