With more than 50 years of experience in the sealing industry, TEADIT® stands for competence, quality and innovation. Our extensive product range plus the flexibility to react competently and quickly to customers' wishes have made us one of the market leaders in sealing technology. Based on sophisticated technology and constantly growing know-how, TEADIT® counts as one of the market leaders for stuffing box packings, expanded PTFE, sheet jointings, metallic and non-metallic gaskets, expansion joints, yarns and textiles.


Sophisticated technology and constantly growing know-how for stuffing box packings, expanded PTFE gasket sheets, gaskets, threads, expansion joints and textiles distinguished from TEADIT®. Because of this wide range of products and our flexibility to customer requests, we are among the leading producers in the world.

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    Low Emission Products

    We are happy to inform you about our range of low emission products. Further short text for this segment.

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    Expanded PTFE Products

    Monoaxially and multidirectionally expanded pure PTFE tapes, multidirectionally expanded pure PTFE sheets, restructured, filled PTFE sheets.

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    Braided Packings

    Braided packings for a wide range of applications, made from all modern fibers: graphite and carbon, pure flexible mineral graphite, ePTFE, Aramid, glass, and many hybrids from a blend of all those materials

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    Gasket sheets

    See our range of fiber sheets, graphite sheets with and without metal inserts, pure and filled expanded PTFE sheets

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    Our comprehensive range of cut gaskets - with and without metal eyelets, PTFE envelope gaskets, spiral-wound gaskets, kammprofile gaskets, made to your specifications.

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    Shaft sealing system which can drastically reduce down-time by re-injecting Jampak sealing compound while the pumping equipment is in operation. Saves water and energy, extends maintenace intervals...

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    Packing cutters in two different lengths, circular gaskets cutters, packing extractors, Jampak packing accessories.